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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


* Tom Riddle's writing in the diary and Hermione's writing (pipes) are the same.

* You can see the wig line of Lucious Malfoy right before he steps into Hagrid's house, when they are coming to take Hagrid away.

* From the direction the light comes from the chamber, Harry would not have been able to see the shadow of Fawkes blinding the basilisk.

* When Harry sticks the sword into the basilisk's mouth, its fangs don't touch Harry's arm, but next scene he's wounded.

* At the beginning of the scene near the end of the movie with Lucius Malfoy fuming at Dumbledore in his office, Malfoy's hair is fanned back behind his shoulders. The lighting in the room illuminates the back of his neck, where you can see his real, short brown hair.

* When Lockhart falls down the hole into the Chamber of Secrets, we hear him hit the ground a second or two later. When Ron and Harry jump down, not only do they take longer to get down, they also slide down the pipe, rather than fall straight down.

* In the Quidditch scene, Harry breaks his left arm and cradles it on his chest, but when he is laying on the ground after he falls off his broom, he then leans directly on it when he sits up to get away from the bludger. In the shot immediately afterward, he has his hand cradled in front of him again.

* In the dueling scene, when Snape pulls Malfoy back onto his feet, a cameraman is visible on the far left of the screen.

* There is a scene where Harry is talking to Ginny in the chamber, and he is holding his arm right below the wound. In this shot Harry has blood on his hand. When Ginny notices the wound, Harry moves his hand up to cover the wound. Now his hand is spotless. In the very next shot, however, Harry has blood on his hand again.

* In the shot where Dobby takes Harry's letters from his robe and tells him about why he hid them he is standing in front of the dresser, you can see that the drawers in the dresser are neatly closed (with the exception of the bottom one, which is only slightly open). However, in the next shot when Dobby runs out the door with Harry chasing after him you see the dresser again, and this time all the drawers are slightly open and uneven.

* In the scene where the students are in Professor Lockhart's Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson you see that when Professor Lockhart lets out the Cornish Pixies, two of the pixies pull Neville Longbottom up by his ears and hang him on a chandelier. Because the pixies were computer-animated, they had to put clips behind Neville Longbottom's ears to make it look like he was being lifted up by the pixies. When he was dropped onto the chandelier by the pixies, you see his ears are still in a stretched position where the clips are.

* When Harry and Ron run at the wall to get to Platform 9 3/4 if you watch Hedwig's cage when they tumble over you can see a toy bird that is glued on to the perch.

* In the scene where Harry is stabbing Tom Riddle's diary for the last time, he closes the book and we see a close up of its cover, covered in ink. In the next close-up of the diary its cover is clean, and a small blue dot is visible in the centre for Harry to aim the tooth at (and where the ink subsequently squirts from).

* When Myrtle is flooding the girls' bathroom, the tap that later doesn't work (the entrance to the chamber) is happily churning out water - it's on the side nearest the door, so we see it clearly both times.

* During the transfiguration class, where Hermione asks McGonagall about the Chamber of Secrets, the blackboard writing behind McGonagall is reversed.

* Does anyone know what the small box Malfoy has in the Slytherin house scene (with Harry and Ron in disguise) is? Or whose it is? [That small box is just a present that another Slytherin got but accidentally left around and now Malfroy is stealing it. I believe it is just another way to show off his nastiness.]

* When Harry arives at the Weasley's we see the clock that shows where everyone is. We see the twins' and Ron's picture moving to show they're home, but no-one else's picture is in the same place. Shortly afterwards we see that everyone else is already home, except Mr. Weasley.

* When Gilderoy jumps into the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets you see his cape go flowing up above his head. In a short second shot, taken from above, it's not.

* After the car spits them out and the car drives away and they are chasing after it, if you watch closely you can see the shadow of someone driving the car.

* In Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, the mirrors don't reflect at all, they're very dirty. But when Harry changes into Goyle, his face is clearly reflected in one of the mirrors.

* When Harry is fighting the Basilisk on top of the skull in the Chamber of Secrets, you can see that there is a safety tip on the end of the sword.

* When Ron and Harry are escaping from the spiders in the flying car the passenger's side window that broke earlier hitting the willow tree is not broken, you can see Ron's reflection. A minute later you see that the window is broken again.

* When Harry cast the charm on Malfoy in the duelling club, Malfoy falls on the floor with is hair messed up. When the camera cuts to the next scene as Snape pulls Malfoy up, his hair is neat again.

* When Ron is on all fours beginning to cough up slugs, Harry says "Let's take him to Hagrid's". Hermione mouths the lines with him.

* In the scene where Harry, Ron, and Hermione are drinking the Polyjuice Potion, Harry leans toward the mirror and starts to gag or something. You can clearly see his shirt is half-unbuttoned. Then they cut away to another shot farther back. Then they cut back to him, and his shirt is buttoned up, nice and neat.

* When Dobby visits Harry in the hospital, he bashes himself on the head with the bottle of Skele-Gro. Before disappearing, he puts the bottle down on the table at the foot of the bed. After he disappears and the shot changes, the bottle is back in its original place on the side-table at the head of the bed; the table at the foot of the bed is empty.

* In the scene in the Weasley's house there is a magically spinning plate in the sink washing itself. In the shot where the boys are shown in front of the sink look carefully and you can see the axle the plate is spinning on.

* In the many and lengthy dialogue scenes between Potter and Dumbledore, with countless facial close-ups, neither of them have glass in their spectacles.

* During the scene in Tranfiguration classroom, the students' positions in the class are constantly changing - for example, there is a blond girl sitting in the middle of the class in one shot, then in another she is back in a corner.

* In the scene where Lockhart is attempting to teach students how to cast charms for disarmament, Professor Snape casts his charms against Lockhart. Lockhart goes flying through the air, wand in hand. The movie then cuts to a shot where Lockharts wand goes flying through the air out of his hands, then cuts back to a shot from his left shoulder where he lands wand in hand. Movie then cuts back to his front left, and he gets up without wand in hand.

* When Harry and Ron run into the wall in the train station, you can see the owl's cage open, but when they stand up and start to gather their stuff, the cage is closed.

* Mrs. Weasley might as well knit like a muggle because she's not making any progress with magical knitting. In the Weasley's home and we see the magic knitting, the needle shoves into the hole, but no thread loops around and it is not advancing. The amount that has already been knitted is magic indeed since all the motion shown in the film produces no results.

* In the scene where Harry falls out of the flying car, you can see several items on the dashboard. None of the item move at all. They just stay glued to the spot.

* When Harry and Ron are talking through the bars that are over Harry's window, there is no glass in the window. When the car pulls the bars off of the wall, the window magically has glass in it and shatters even though Vernon screwed the bars into the WALL.

* When Harry is cornered by the Basilisk the Basilisk was an inch from his face, but when he bends over to pick up the rock, the Basilisk is a metre away.

* When Ron, Harry and Hermione drink the polyjuice potion, they all drop their glasses, smashing them on to the floor and presumably making a big mess. However, in the high angle shot looking down at Harry, there is no sign of broken glass or any potion splattered anywhere.

* When Harry, Dumbledore, and Lucius Malfoy are in Dumbledore's office and Harry says he will be around to save the day, his face is clean. Later, when Harry gives Malfoy Tom Riddle's diary, his face is as grimy as it was in the Chamber.

* In the scene where Harry slides out from the fireplace into this dark shop, he quickly exits through the front door. Just before he walks out, look closely. The sidewalk outside is bright and sunny, not like the dark and dingy surroundings that he walks out to.

* When Ron and Harry crash into the Willow you can see that the Willow smashes the front side of the car and the left light. Afterwards the light is back and undamaged.

* In the first film, during the quidditch scene, Hogwarts can be seen in the background, across the lake (it can easily be seen after Harry almost falls off his broom). But in this movie, Hogwarts is right next to the field.

* When Harry, Ron, and Hermione are in the library, Hermione find the Polyjuice Potion 'recipe'. Hermione looks down at it and you see a shot of the page. If you pause the movie right then, you can see that it says "...Into the form of an another." There is an extra 'an'.

* In the Chamber of Secrets and afterwards, the stain on Harry's collar is constantly changing.

* In the first movie, the Dursleys' house is on the end of a row of houses. You can see right before they head out to the zoo that there is a house attached on the right but none attached on the left. But in the Chamber of Secrets, when the Dursleys' house is shown from outside, it's in the middle of a row, with other houses attached to both sides.

* When Harry and Ron find out Lockhart is a fraud, when Lockhart says: "My boy do you use your common sense? My books wouldn't have sold half as well if people didn't think I'd done all those things". Watch Harry, he's mouthing his lines.

* When Harry arrives at the Weasley's house, we see a shot of the chimney that he is going to travel up. There is no pot of floo powder or a bracket to hold it. When they go to travel to Diagon Alley, the bracket is on the right of the fireplace, with the pot of floo powder in it.

* During the Quidditch match, the "Rogue Bludger" nearly hits Harry for the first time and one of the players says, "Watch yourself Harry." This player is Oliver Wood who is the Keeper on the team or the one who guards the three hoops from getting scored on. Potter was in the middle of the field after missing that Bludger not at the end where the hoops are located so what the heck is Oliver doing in the middle of the field? No wonder Slytherin was in the lead.

* When Harry Ron & Hermione are at the end of year feast, Hagrid bursts into the hall leaving the door open behind him. Then, when all the children are around him the doors are closed. In the next shot, they have opened again.

* During the filming of The Chamber of Secrets, Emma Watson broke her wrist. You can see the cast on Emma's left arm in the scene when she, Harry, and Ron finally drink the potion. She is able to move her arm and fingers, but you can tell her mobility is stiff and limited, and the sleeve of her gown is pulled down over her hand. Earlier in the film, when she is first mixing the potion, she is not wearing the cast.

* In the scene where Harry and Ron land in the Womping Willow, the roof of the car gets smashed in. After a while, the roof is fine.

* As Ron's owl flies through the hall to deliver the howler during lunchtime, we can see baskets of green apples and pears spaced evenly along the tables. However, after the owl crashes, and for the duration of the scene, the baskets of fruit are missing.

* In the scene where Harry is in the hospital wing and he is talking to Dobby, he has his bedside light on. He soon hears the teachers bringing in Colin Creevey petrified and Dobby disappears. In this shot, the light is on, but in the shot when Harry is in bed, the light has just mysteriously turned off.

* When the flying car throws Ron and Harry out at Hogwarts, Harry lands on his back. His sweater has ridden up a bit, exposing his stomach. When the camera angle changes, his sweater is pulled down properly.

* When Harry is in the Chamber, running from the Basilisk, he trips and his glasses seem to fly off his head, several feet away. In the next shot, they have landed right in front of his face.

* Harry's Nimbus 2000 is different than the last in the previous movie.

* After Harry and Ron have found the piece of paper in Hermione's hand, they are walking along a corridor as Harry reads it out. They walk towards the camera and the shot changes and Harry says 'spiders flee before it'. The movement of his lips doesn't match what he says.

* In the scene were Mrs. Norris is found petrified, there is a shot of Snape's face and his hair goes down to the middle of his cheek - the rest of his hair is layered like usual. In the next shot of Snape, his hair is longer, almost down to his chin.

* When the flying car throws Harry and Ron out of the car, and Harry is lying on the grass, you see that he starts to get up, but in the next wider shot he is starting to get up again.

* When Lockhart pushes up Harry's sleeve before attempting to mend Harry's broken bone, we see a few freckles on Harry's forearm. When Lockhart got rid of Harry's bones, he also got rid of Harry's freckles. The freckles are back when Harry drinks the Skele-gro at the hospital wing. In other words, the fake arm was missing details visible on Harry's arm.

* When Harry first hears the whispering voice and is walking down the hallway feeling the wall as the voice gets louder. Notice he has a round red mark on the back of his right hand. In the next shot it's gone.

* When Ron opens up the howler his mum sent him, it shouts at him for a while then flies up towards his face to shout at him some more. Notice how delayed Harry's reaction is when this happens.

* When the Whomping Willow hits the windshield, just after the car falls to the ground the glass cracks, but it barely hits it.

* When Harry Potter and Tom Riddle are talking inside the Chamber of Secrets, notice the bridge of Harry's nose. There is a small piece of duct tape under the bridge of the glasses to hold them in place.

* When Harry and Ron are reversing out of the forest to escape the pursuing spiders, Ron spins the car 180 degrees. However, when the shot cuts to inside the car both of them are leaning the wrong way.

* When Crabbe and Goyle are reaching for the cakes that Harry levitated, if you look at Ron and Harry in the background, you can clearly see that it's not Ron. He is several inches shorter, and his hair is floppy. In the next shot, it is Ron, and when they go back to Crabbe and Goyle, it's not again.

* In the duel scene between Harry and Draco, Lockhart makes the snake fly up into the air. When he makes the snake jump, Lockhart is standing between Harry and the snake. When the snake lands, Lockhart is far behind Harry.

* In the dueling scene with Snape and Lockhart, when Snape says expelliarmus then does his wand movement, the camera leaves him after he has stopped moving his wand to look at how it goes after Lockhart, you can see Snape still in the background and he has not finished moving his wand.

* At the Quidditch match, right before Colin takes a picture of Harry and Malfoy chasing the Snitch (and running from the bludger) they are in the place that's under the towers. Then shortly after, they are right above it and almost crash into Colin who is taking the picture. It did not give them enough time to fly up.

* In the scene with the car and the whomping willow. The car falls to the ground. The windscreen goes from being cracked to not and back again a few times. (Noticed on DVD)

* On the extas DVD in the Chamber of Secrets Challenge, once you actually get into the Chamber, there are lots of puddles on the floor. If you look closely at the puddles, you can see the reflection of the studio lights above the set.

* When Lockhart lets the pixies out, there's a shot with Hermione standing up with a pixie flying at her. When the scene cuts to another shot with a pixie flying in the air, if you look in the background you can see Hermione get up a second time.

* Dutch DVD Only: After their crash-landing at Hogwarts, Harry and Ron are taken to Snape who tells them the Willow has been standing there "since before they were born". The Dutch translation reads "over a thousand years". It's a minor mistake on itself, but in Book 3 we learn how long the Willow has really been standing there and that's nowhere near "over a thousand years".

* In the shot when Harry grabs the diary from Ginny, right before he grabs it you can see that her eyes are half open, and when he motions toward her, she shuts them tight.

* In Flourish and Blotts when Lucius Malfoy makes a comment about the Weasleys not being able to afford new books, in the reverse shot (looking at Ginny), Lucius lowers the book. In the next shot (looking at Lucius), he lowers the book again.

* This is especially apparent when Harry and company are flying out of the Chamber, but can be seen throughout the movie: when the characters are hanging, their feet are still flat and stiff, as if they are still standing, instead of straightened, as if they are hanging in the air.

* In the scene where the car drives away, there are no tracks left in the grass from when the car drove away from the Whomping Willow tree, but the car leaves tire tracks in the grass as it drives away after dumping Ron and Harry.

* When Harry takes a handful of the floo powder we can see the top level of the powder is flat and undisturbed. It should be disturbed, as only moments before the shot Ron took a handful.

* When Harry enters the Chamber of Secrets and spots Ginny lying on the ground, he runs towards her. However, the sound of his footsteps don't match his actual steps.

* In the final scene, when Harry hugs Hagrid, the shot shows the back of Harry, and some hanging pans with flames can be seen on the wall. Look carefully at the one second from the left. It seems to burn backwards, as if it's animation has been reversed.

* When Tom said that he set Hagrid up Harry said that Hagrid is his friend. In Icelandic subtitles it is translated that Harry is his friend.

* When we see the first defence against the dark arts class with the pixies taking over, when Lockhart goes out and tells Harry, Ron and Hermione to pop them back into the cage, Hermione makes them all freeze in mid-air. Most of the pixies drop bits of paper, but one drops a big book. You can see it go thundering down the the ground, but you can't hear it land. All you can hear is bits of paper flying everywhere.

* When we see Harry writing in Tom Riddle's diary, the end of his quill is pointing to the right. But when we see the close up of Harry's hand writing the diary, the end of the quill is pointing towards Harry. This goes on for a while, every time the shot changes.

* When bars are placed on Harry's windows, so he does not escape, it is apparent that his windows have complete leaded panes of glass and are closed. But when Harry is being rescued Ron can talk to Harry through his visibly closed windows. The window handles are in the closed position.

* In the beginning of the movie, when Dobby is hitting himself with the lamp, you can clearly see that the first swing stays a few inches from his head, but he still grunts and shakes his head in pain.

* Look closely in the scene where Harry and the Weasleys have arrived in the Weasley household near the beginning of the film. When they are all eating breakfast at the table, Harry and Ron are sitting on one side, and the twins, later joined by Percy, are sitting on the other side. Since that makes three people on that side of the table, and from what we can see, there is no room for anyone else on that side of the table. Why then, when Arthur Weasley has joined them, and is asking Harry about rubber ducks etc, can we see an apparently unused knife and fork on Arthur's left hand side, as if set for someone who isn't yet there? Surely that is exactly where one of the twins is sitting - and eating?.

* In the second to last scene when Dumbledore is talking to Harry and Ron, Ron's hair is a bit roughed and has a big cowlick. In the next shot, the cowlick is gone and both Ron and Harry's hair is neat.

* As Harry chases Dobby into the hallway, he lands behind Dobby with knees bent and one hand stretched forward and the other back. The shot changes and focuses on Dobby. But when it returns to Harry, he is in a completely opposite stance to his previous one.

* In all of the scenes where we see petrified students, it's so obvious that they're all wax models. The petrified Justin doesn't even look like the non- petrified one, Mrs. Norris is clearly a cuddly toy, and look at Hermione's hand in the scene where Harry is holding it - notice the abscence of proper fingernails.

* In the scene where Harry Potter is writing in Tom Riddle's diary, we see Harry dipping his feather pen into the ink jar. Notice the shape and size of Harry's hand. When Harry actually starts to write in the diary we see a close up of Harry's hand, but it's not his actual hand doing the writing. The "stunt" hand has longer thinner fingers than Harry Potter's 12 year old hand.

* After Harry has caught the Snitch and is sitting up, Hermione runs over to him and squats down. Her robes are covering her legs in a long shot, but as it cuts to a close up her legs aren't covered, and this continues to switch for the next couple of shots.

* Harry Potter is the Seeker for the Gryffindor Quidditch team; his sole responsibility is to get the Golden Snitch. When we first open the Quidditch scene the camera focuses on the Chasers throwing and intercepting the Quaffle around the field. When one of the Slytherin Chasers has the Quaffle, Harry is speeding right behind him and continues to pursue him as he swerves around the audience stands and other players until he stops and we see the close-up of him. Why is he pursuing a Chaser when he should be looking for the Snitch?

* When Harry just enters the Chamber he is running towards Ginny and drops his wand behind him, then Tom Riddle comes out and is to the front/side of Harry,he then picks up Harry's wand but he never walked behind Harry to pick it up, so the wand was in the wrong place.

* During the scene where Harry and Ron were looking for the Hogwarts Express, you can see that the bridge is fairly short. During the scene where Harry is clinging to the car, you can see that the train is still on the bridge even though the train would have been across it in about 4-5 seconds.

* Throughout the movie, when Ron and Harry are standing together in full view, Ron is substantially taller than Harry. In any closeup, either the boys are the same height, or Harry is often slightly taller.

* In the scene where McGonagall explains about the Chamber of secrets there is a close up of Harry, and she obviously walks past him as you see her green robes block him from view for a second. However, the next shot shows her from the front walking towards the camera and you can see her walking past Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle who are sitting behind Harry.

* When Harry and Ron get out of the Dark Forest, Harry shuts his door. In the next shot the car starts up and his door gets shut by the car.

* In the very beginning of the movie, Harry is looking through a photo album. He turns to a picture of him, Ron, and Hermione. Hermione's hair is different in this movie than in the first. In the photo, Hermione's hair is like it is in the second movie, but the picture was supposed to have been taken during the course of the first movie, in which her hair was a bit different.

* In the scene where Ron's owl flies over the students, you see that Errol's wings are perfect. However, in the next shot you see all the feathers ruffled (since Errol smashed into so many things). Then they use a dummy owl to ensure safety of the owl. The owl that's lying down is obviously a dummy, too. Then it turns back to the real bird so it can fly away. Mind you, it nearly hits Hermione in the head.

* In Dumbledore's office, they show the sorting hat. The straps on the sides are about 4 feet long. They weren't that long in the first film.

* When Harry puts the sword through the head of the basilisk, you can see that the front pair of fangs are to the left of his right arm that the fang goes through. With the way Harry pulls out the sword it is impossible that the fang would go through his right arm.

* After Lucius Malfoy leaves Dumbledore's office, Harry asks Dumbledore for the diary, takes off his shoe, puts the sock in the diary, put his shoe back on, ties it, and comes out of Dumbledore's office, Malfoy would have already left the building.

* The distance between Harry and Ron when they're sliding into the Chamber of Secrets keeps changing. Harry jumps first, and Ron jumps a few seconds later, so there should be a little distance between them. But when they're sliding down, Ron is directly behind Harry. At the bottom though, Harry slides onto the ground a few seconds before Ron, meaning they're again some distance apart.

* During the scene when Harry and Ron are talking to Malfoy as Crabbe and Goyle, Draco has his hair slicked straight back. A couple of seconds later, Draco's hair is parted a bit, and messed up at the back. Some more seconds later, his hair is slicked and tidy once more.

* In alternating shots while Harry is in the Chamber of Secrets, he has a pimple above his lip; in other shots he does not.

* When the car lands in front of the burrow, it touches the ground just in front of a small shed and passes it within seconds. An angle change soon shows the car driving past the same shed.

* During the scene when they are playing Quidditch the shadows of the goal posts keep changing direction.

* When Hagrid runs into Dumbledore's office to say Harry's innocent, you can see a slight pause when he raises the chicken.

* When Harry, Hermione and Ron turn round, they all appear to say "no" at the same time. In fact, it only sounds as if they do. If you watch carefully, Hermione says "no" slightly afterwards, but no sound comes out. The line has been dubbed so that they all say it in unison.

* In the dueling scene, the first spell is performed on Harry. He flips through the air, but when he lands, he lands a different way than he should according to the way he was flipping.

* When Tom Riddle takes Harry's wand in the Chamber of Secrets and Harry says "Give me my wand, Tom," his arm goes from being at his side to outstretched to back at his side in successive shots.

* In the scene where Harry is asking Dumbledore if he was put in the right house, you can see a shadow move very quickly in the background of one shot.

* After drinking the polyjuice potion, Ron and Hermione both dive into cubicles - all the doors are open before they go in. Harry then changes while looking in the mirror, but when we see the stall doors again, three are closed.

* When the flying car is about to land in front of Ron's house, we can see its shadow to the car's side (which indicates that it's morning). In the next shot, the shadow is exactly under the car (which indicates that it's noon).

* When Harry and Ron land in the Whomping Willow, one shot from inside the car shows a branch coming through the rear window, and then pulling right out again. In the next shot (from outside the car) the branch is shown still coming out.

* In the DVD at the dueling scene, when Harry casts the Rictusempra spell, as Malfoy is flying through the air; he is much larger than the Malfoy in other scenes of the movie.

* When Harry is climbing back into the flying car, he puts one leg inside. The shot changes and both legs are in the car and he's sitting down.

* In the scene where Harry puts the sword through the head of the snake you can see that only about half a foot of the sword is covered with blood. Then later in Dumbledore's office, when he asks Harry to take a closer look at the sword, you can see that there is blood over almost the entire sword.

* In the scene with the Rouge Bludger, Harry and Malfoy dive to the bottom of the stands to chase the golden snitch, they have to go through all the wood. But in the first movie, there is just sand there, as we see when Angelina Johnson gets knocked into the stands and falls.

* When Harry falls out of the fireplace in the store, his hair appears to have dust all over it, but when he is outside, in Knockturn Alley, his hair is clean.

* At the end of the film, in the Great Hall, the doors leading into the Hall are on the left, and the teacher's table is on the right. The camera leaves the Hall through the window, not changing angles, and where there should be more building for the doors to lead onto, there are three big windows and a drop down to the next floor.

* In the scene when Lockhart has let out the pixies and Hermoine has immobilized them, some of their eyes are moving, while other's are completely frozen.

* When the Ford Anglia drives away after ejecting Ron and Harry, the boot (trunk) of the car is open. The boot remains open as the boys chase the car. Yet, as the car passes Hagrid's cabin, the boot is closed.

* When Harry is in the Chamber of Secrets and he is fighting the basilisk, he drops the sword. The sword starts to fall and by the sound of it, it would have already have fallen off before he catches it.

* When Harry and Ron are talking to Myrtle when she said somebody threw a book at her she turns around and starts crying. If you look when she starts crying her face is all screwed up. When the camera angle changes when she stops turning and walks off, her face is no longer screwed up.

* Right after Harry stabs the Baslik it swings around in the chamber before falling down. When it is swinging around in the background you can see Ginny laying on the ground but Tom Riddle isn't anywhere around. In the next shot he is standing right next to Ginny.

* Myrtle points to the sink where she saw the eyes of the basilisk, but she points to a different sink than the one that is the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets

* In the book store in Diagon Ally, when Draco comes down the stairs his neck is showing, in a later shot his neck is being coved up by a turtle neck or something.

* After Ron's failed attempt to make Draco 'eat slugs', he goes sliding across the grass on his back. However, when he gets on all fours, and when he walks away, there are no dirty marks (mud/grass stains) on his robes.

* After Dobby drops the cake on the woman's head, Harry's Uncle Vernon says something like "I'm sorry you'll have to forgive my nephew, he's very disturbed," and if you look at his face he's furious. In the next shot, if you look behind Harry you'll see Uncle Vernon acting very casually, and it looks like it's the same scene as when he was telling the joke to his guests.

* In the shot after the cave-in when Harry opens the hatch with the snakes on it, look at the back of the hatch. It is made with riveted metal. Unless Voldemort re-did the chamber recently why would Salazar Slytherin make the chamber door with riveted metal over a thousand years ago when it wasn't even invented yet?

* Near the end of the film, when Harry is leaning on the sink about to change into Goyle, we see his reflection in the mirror. In the reflection, it shows his face is starting to change and his skin is bubbling up, but his actual face (which we see part of in front of the mirror) is not changing at all.

* In the dueling scene, Gilderoy Lockhart says, "I said disarm only." Harry and Malfoy seem to wait for his line to be over instead of performing another spell on each other. Why would they care what he said?

* When Harry is talking to Dobby in his bedroom on Privet Drive, Dobby begins banging his head against the dresser to punish himself. If you look closely, you can see that there is a slight delay between the time that Dobby's computer-animated head appears to hit the dresser, the time you hear the thump, and the time when the drawer moves and the dresser shudders.

* Dutch DVD Only: After the duel Harry tells he told the snake to keep away from Justin. In the subtitles, Justin's name appears untranslated. Later when Justin falls prey to the Basilisk he is called by name again but this time his name is translated to Dutch in the subtitles, namely "Joost".

* In the scene where Harry and Ron are talking to Malfoy as Crabbe and Goyle, it isn't only Malfoy's hair that changes. His voice also becomes higher pitched, suggesting this scene was filmed before his voice dropped, and he is also shorter and has a chubbier face than in the scene directly beforehand.

* At the end of the movie in the credits it shows the cast in order of appearance. However, we see that Draco Malfoy comes before Hagrid, but in the movie we first see Hagrid in Knockturn Alley and then Draco in the book shop. This is because on the DVD there is a deleted scene where we see Draco enter the store Harry fell into. Still a mistake because the credits should have been altered in line with the editing, but there's the reason.

* When Harry takes the Polyjuice Potion, the steam in the sink looks like it's rising, but when Harry leans over the sink, the steam doesn't appear to be rising.

* Harry is scratched on the left cheek in the Chamber of Secrets. The scratches are gone by the time he talks to Dumbledore and frees Dobby.

* When Harry and Lockhart are in Lockhart's office, Lockhart has just signed a picture. When they show a side view of Lockhart, the picture appears to not have a signature on it.

* In the forest scene, the flame lamp is always glowing with a different brightness. First it's very intense, and then so dim you can hardly see it.

* When Harry stabs the Basilisk, he pushes his sword right through the roof of the Basilisk's mouth creating a fatal wound. Later, when the beast lies on the floor, there is no wound visible in its head.

* In the scene where the Chamber finally opens, we first see Harry, Ron and Professor Lockhart from the front, and Harry and Ron are slightly behind Lockhart, and in a position to threaten and guard him. When you next see them a moment later from behind, Lockhart is behind them and they are in no position to guard him.

* When the car crashes in the Whomping Willow, it is turned and moved around a couple of times. Meanwhile, Hedwig is sitting on her perch, not moving at all.

* When the Weasleys and Harry get their Hogwarts letters, there is a shot from behind the twins. If you watch Mrs Weasley you will see that Harry gives her his Hogwarts letter. She holds it with one hand. When the shot changes she is holding it with both of her hands.

* When Harry and Ron are in the car getting attacked by the whomping willow, it is clearly obvious that when the real damage is being done to the car, the boys are not in it.


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