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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Movie Mistakes

  • Must Not Be Seen... - When Dumbledore tells Harry and Hermione they "mustn't be seen," their Time-turning doubles rush past where MacNair is still sharpening the axe. Unless MacNair was looking the other way, this means they were seen by him twice!

  •  Sleeping Beauty - After Harry passes out after he and Sirius are attacked by dementors, he wakes up at the hospital wing hours later as though barely a few seconds had passed to find out Sirus has been captured. During the scene where Harry and Hermione go back in time and you can see what had been going on in the hospital wing in the past three hours, you can see that Harry was awake ever since he was brought to the hospital, drinking medicine and getting up and opening his eyes several times before the time he talks to Hermione. Didn't Harry feel concerned about Sirius then?

    • Inner Eye? - In the scene where we first see Professor Trelawney, she mentions "casting ourselves into the future." Hermione isn't even in class yet, but later when they are walking down to Hagrid's hut, Hermione makes fun of Trelawney's words in a mocking voice even though she wasn't even in the class to hear Trelawney speak them!

    • Turn Turn Turn - In Buckbeak's execution scene when Harry, Ron, and Hermione are running up the hill from behind the pumpkins, Harry turns around and looks back at Buckbeak. When Harry and Hermione go back in time, Harry doesn't turn around but starts to run past Hermione.

    • A Bit Obvious... - In the scene where Harry lands and dismounts Buckbeak, Hermione starts talking with the camera facing her. If you notice, her black robe is off, but she still has the Time Turner on where everyone can see it. No one is supposed to see it at all. You can't see the hourglass itself, but you can see the gold chain in the shot, meaning that Hagrid and Harry can see the entire Time Turner when they're not supposed to.

    • Moving Book - When Harry goes to pick up the Monster Book of Monsters in his room at the Leaky Cauldron, there is a stack of books next to it on the bench. The small book on top shifts sideways as the camera angle changes.

    • Checking the Lense - When Mrs. Weasley hands Scabbers to Ron through the window of the train, Rupert looks into the camera as it moves parallel to the train.

    • Sensing the Future - As the Fat Lady sings, three girls are watching from the picture on the right. The girl in the pink dress starts flinching before the Fat Lady hits the bad note.

    • Undecided Book - When Ron pushes Harry towards Buckbeak during the Care of Magical Creatures lesson, both of Ron's hands are empty, but when the camera angle changes to a far away shot, he is holding his book. In the next few shots, he is still holding it, but it changes positions slightly. Then, when Hermione grabs his sleeve, the book disappears, comes back and then vanishes again when she grabs his hand.

    • Tie Size - In most of the scenes where Harry is wearing a tie, the thin part of it is considerably longer than the wide part, but when Harry flies on Buckbeak, both parts are the same length.

    • Frozen Sirius - When Seamus drops the newspaper with Sirius's picture on the table, the picture is barely visible but is obviously not moving. It doesn't start moving until the above view.

    • Not on the Same Subject - During Snape's Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson, all of the students' books were open to different places; some near the front, some almost to the end and some near the middle. The book at Snape's podium was open to close to the center, but when he turned Ron's book to the right page, it was much closer to the end of the book.

    • Moving Bruises - Harry gets cuts on his face during the Quidditch match, but later when he wakes up, the cuts are at different angles and in different positions on his face.

    • Crabbe's Scarf - In the scene outside the Shrieking Shack, the scarf around the Slytherin boy's neck is untied at first, but when Crabbe's pants get pulled down, it is suddenly tied in a knot and is standing away from his body as though it's stiff with wire (in preparation for being pulled straight outward). It is untied again when he climbs the hill with Draco and Goyle.

    • Make Some Room! - In the Three Broomsticks' back room, Harry shouldn't have to hold the Invisibility Cloak away from his face, since it is completely see-through. He held up the fabric to accommodate the camera.

    • Slowing Clock Bells - In the scenes with the clock bells, they ring when Harry and Hermione leave the hospital wing. But, they are much farther apart than they are any other time during the movie.

    • Don't look! - Daniel glances into the camera when he and Hermione (back in time) are peeking around the pumpkins to look at Fudge, Dumbledore, and MacNair entering Hagrid's hut.

    • Misplaced Willow - When Sirius walks toward Hogwarts and talks with Harry the first time, their backs are towards the Whomping Willow, but later, when Harry and Hermione are in the trees, the Whomping Willow is to their right, putting Hogwarts behind Lupin, in a completely different place.

    • Fast or Slow?- When Professor Lupin transforms into a werewolf, his transformation happens at normal speed. But when Harry and Hermione go back in time, Lupin's transformation happens a lot faster than the speed it occurred the first time.

    • Double Agent - In the Boggart scene, when the camera pans around the giant cobra, you can see a man both in the mirror and on the left of Parvati. But, once the camera comes around, it's someone who looks somewhat like David Thewlis but is not. He has his hair covering most of his face and is in a position that looks something like cowering to hide both his height and his facial features, but it is obviously a double. This double's hair is longer and a deep brown as opposed to Thewlis' shorter-haired light brown.

    • Where's That Coming From? - In the "spiders want me to tap-dance" scene, Harry is reading the Marauder's Map by wand light. The light is obviously not from his wand because when Harry says, "You tell those spiders," the shadow shows the wand clearly outlined. It's impossible for the wand to cast its own shadow!

    • Granger, Master of Disguise - When Hermione and Harry go back in time and Harry conjures the Patronus, Hermione is leaning against the tree directly behind Harry. In the scene where originally Harry is fighting the dementors and Sirius is unconscious, the camera cuts to the time-traveling Harry conjuring the Patronus several times. During these cuts, we should be able to see Hermione leaning against the tree behind Harry, but she's mysteriously not there.

    • Bad Hair Day - When Snape is substituting for Lupin in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Hermione's hair keeps changing. Sometimes it is completely down and others times it is half back.

    • The (Other) Magic Flute - When Harry is with the Weasleys in the Leaky Cauldron, there is a little boy playing some sort of woodwind instrument. We hear him play a long, sustained note, but his fingers are moving. If his fingers are moving over the key holes, we should be hearing multiple notes.

    • Self-Straightening Tablecloth - When Aunt Marge is inflating in the beginning, the tablecloth she grabs crumbles up when she drops it. Later as she flies out, they flash back to the table and the cloth is still there under the dinner things.

    • Sentimental...But Untrue - When Harry and Remus are standing on the bridge, Remus says that the moment he saw Harry he recognized him, not by his scar, but by his eyes, his mother’s eyes. On the train, he first sees Harry with his eyes closed because Harry has passed out when Remus saved him from the dementor. He knew who he was when he woke up, so he did not see it in his eyes.

    • Water Doesn't Rise - In the scene when the dementor makes its first appearance, the level of water in the glass sitting by the window should rise. However, the level stays exactly the same. (Thanks to Sian for looking into this for us!)

    • Saw It Coming? - When Harry attacks Draco in the snow at the Shrieking Shack you can see Draco flinch before the first snowball even hits him.

    • Lightfoot - When Harry is up at the Shrieking Shack and is pulling down pants, throwing snowballs, and dragging Malfoy, no foot prints appear but later in the movie when Harry is invisible, he makes foot prints.

    • The Mysterious Hunch-Back - At the Leaky Cauldron, a strange-looking hunch-backed man escorts Harry and Fudge to their private room. Fudge refers to the man as Tom, who we assume is the barkeeper, but this man is very different from the Tom in the first film. Maybe he got an extreme make-over?

    • Mind Reader - When Ron was telling Harry what he saw in this teacup, if you watch Emma, you can tell she already knows the line because she moves her head to the rhythm of how he says, "So you're going to suffer but you're going to be happy about it."

    • Fickle Weather - When Harry, Ron, and Hermione go to visit Hagrid before Buckbeak's execution, the trio head down the path. It begins to rain. Five seconds later it stops. When Harry and Hermione go back in time, it keeps raining until they get to the pumpkins.

    •Disappearing Vines- When Harry and Hermione see Professor Lupin Immobilize the Whomping Willow, you can see long braided wooden vines on its bark. Then Snape comes to the Willow and the vines are gone.

    • Shrunken and Uneducated - On the Knight Bus when they make the sudden stop for the elderly lady, the Shrunken Head counts down "5...4...3...3 1/2...2....1." This is incorrect, as 3 1/2 would come before 3.

    • Moon-E-y - When Fred and George first give Harry the Marauder's Map and then say, 'I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,' the words that appear are Messrs. Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs... ect. "Mooney," obviously, is spelled wrong. The correct spelling is "Moony."

    • Moving Wand - In the scene where Hermione is about to punch Malfoy, the wand Hermione sticks at him is in her right hand. It cuts to the next scene, and Hermione punches Draco with her right hand. You never see her wand switch hands in between.

    • A Hingy Door - When the Gryffindors finally get into their common room after the Fat Lady wouldn't let them, the door swings inward to open. Later, when it shows them entering and Harry and Seamus are talking, the door either disappeared or it was opened outward.

    • Time Turning Troubles - The first time Hermione punches Draco and he is running away, Hermione says, "That felt good," and Ron says, "Not good, brilliant," at the same time Draco is saying, "I'm gonna get that jumped-up Mudblood, mark my words," but the second time through, Draco speaks first, and then Hermione and Ron after them, when it should be at the same time.

    The first time at Hagrid's hut when Dumbledore, Fudge, and MacNair get there, Hermione, Ron and Harry open the back door first, peer out, and then Hagrid opens his front door for the adults. The second time through, we see Hagrid open the front door for the adults first and then the kids open the back door.

    When Hermione and Harry go back in time, the clock is chiming. However, if they go back three turns, or three hours, to 7:30, it makes no sense for the clock to be chiming when they come back at 10:30. Beside the fact that it shouldn't be chiming at all, it chimes 14 times.

    • Decomposing Fast - When Harry first goes up to Buckbeak, he leaves droppings on the ground. But then when the shot changes, the droppings are gone.

    • Tone Change - When Hermione says "I thought I just saw...nevermind" the first time, it's in a high tone. But when Harry and Hermione go back in time, Hermione says "I thought I just saw...nevermind" in a much lower tone.

    • Don't look! - In the scene on the Hogwarts Express where Ron asks Harry about Sirius being after him, the camera is close up in Ron's face, and you'll notice that Rupert takes a look directly into the camera.

    • Scarier the Second Time - In the scene where Harry and Sirius are attacked by the dementors, the first time around we see Harry pass out on the ground before the Patronus light disappears. However, the second time around, when Harry and Hermione are on their mission to save Sirius, we see the Patronus light disappear before Harry passes out.

    • Dan's Stunt Double - During the scene when Harry takes a ride on Buckbeak over the lake, there was one shot when he looked somewhat peculiar. Two shots before then the camera shows Hagrid watching Buckbeak land, but Harry's hair style is very different than his usual style. You may not notice it because the actor does uncannily look like Dan (who has slightly messy hair). The same mistake happened at the Whomping Willow scene when Harry's glasses get knocked off. These two examples show instances where a stunt double was put into place.

    • Out of Order - When we see MacNair sharpening his axe, the order of the trio is Hermione, Harry, and Ron. When we see the scene again the order is Hermione, Ron, Harry.

    • Jumping Time Turner - When Snape takes over the Defense Against the Dark Arts class, Hermione puts her hand up and the Time Turner is out of her robes. Then when speaking to Snape, the Time Turner is in her robes. Then when Snape speaks to her, it is once again back out of her robes.

    • No Buts, No Cuts - In the DADA Boggart scene, when Ron goes up and the boggart turns into a spider, the camera angle switches to a side view and it shows that Seamus Finnegan is next in line. But, when Ron finishes up, Parvati is the next to go. Note: This one has been changed about twenty times, but I've finally decided that the original was correct (thanks HarryLass for pointing it out to me), so don't e-mail about this anymore!

    • Moving Saucer - In the first Divination class, when Professor Trelawney looks at Neville's cup (the one in front of Dean Thomas's), and she sets it back down, she places it on the saucer, but when the camera angle switches, it's not on the saucer, it's on the table.

    • Time Turner Troubles - In the Boggart scene when Hermione suddenly shows up you can see her Time Turner out of her robes. In the next shot when it shows the students again, it's not there.

    • Disappearing Scar - In several scenes throughout the movie, Harry is completely without his scar and simply has a small piece of hair lying over where it should be, which isn't actually placed right. They were presumably setting it up so that they could say it was hidden under the hair.

    • Hogwarts Moving - In the scene where Harry is flying Buckbeak during the Care of Magical Creatures class, it shows him flying by the castle and you can see the valley next to the castle with a few small streams running through it. A second later, the entire valley has flooded to become the lake, and while Harry appears to by flying from the castle to the lake, you then see that the castle isn't even behind him; it's now on his left hand side in the distance.

    • Breaking Pot - When the pebble comes flying through the window into Hagrid's hut the first time, it strikes the pot, but nearly half of the pot is left standing; however, when they go back in time, when she strikes the pot, it shatters completely.

    • Magic Revealed - In the beginning of the movie, when Harry is performing magic to create light, you can see that he is sitting on top of a light panel to produce the magical effect. Also, you can see where the panel ends and where the mattress begins.

    • Make up your mind, Sirius - In the scene where Sirius lays unconsious at the foot of the lake, he suddenly opens his eyes to the dementors and a look of terror spreads across his face. Instantly, the camera angle changes and he is laying back down, his eyes closed.

    • What Time Is It? - It is VERY light in the hospital wing considering that the scenes right before it took place in complete darkness, with the moon rising and everything.

    • A Bit of Help - When the Whomping Willow tree branch is about to strike and Hermione hops over it, you can see a bungee attached to her hip.

    • Indecisive much? - During the final night of Aunt Marge's visit, the placement in her chair continuously changes.

    • Rat in Men's Clothing - Animagi are still clothed even when in their animal forms, yet when Peter Pettigrew changes from man to rat, he leaves them behind.

    • Ferret Abuse - The first time we see Hermione punch Malfoy, she turns completely away from Malfoy, then spins round and hits him. However, when Harry and Hermione watch themselves later, Hermione barely turns away from Malfoy before she punches him, and uses a different punch too. Malfoy's reaction is different as well.

    • Clock Says Different - In the scene after Harry and Hermione's time-travel, she tells him that it is 7:30. The clock in the tower tells different. It strikes for an hour, not for a half-hour.

    • Darned Strings - During the scene where Snape confronts Harry roaming the hallways at night with the Marauder's Map, the position of the pull strings hanging down from Harry's sweatshirt hood changes several times between shots. At first the strings are tangled together, but during later shots the strings are hanging down apart, then back to being tangled, then apart again. This happens once more when Professor Lupin and Harry are talking immediately afterwards in the Dark Arts classroom.

    • Repeat That Again? - During the dinner scene, Dudley is shown watching a show on television where a young woman is putting on large headphones. But when the shot returns to the whole room, you can see the girl on the TV putting on the headphones all over again.

    • CGI Walking - When Harry and Hermione have gone back in time and they are running across the courtyard beneath the clock tower, you can tell this shot is using CGI because they seem to be running faster and further than the number of steps they are taking.

    • To Point or Not to Point - The first time we see Dumbledore tell the executioner his services are no longer required, he lifts his staff to point at him. The second time however, Dumbledore does not point his staff.

    • The Amazing Apple - Draco Malfoy starts eating an apple during Hagrid's lesson about Hippogriffs. During the lecture, his apple changes back and forth from having a few bites taken out to being whole again. Draco himself also moves in the background from shot to shot.

    • Sweatshirt Error - Upon the Knight Bus entrance, Harry falls backwards -- his sweatshirt is slipping from one of his shoulders. But in the next shot, the sweater is perfectly fine and on both shoulders.

    • Magically Drying Jacket - When Harry fell onto the wet sidewalk, the bottom of his sweatshirt is drenched ( as seen while he steps onto the bus ) but the next shot shows that the sweatshirt's bottom is now dry.

    • Slip to Snug - When Draco Malfoy is teasing Harry about the dementors, he begins to pull his hood up and over his head -- it starts to slip and reveals some of his hair. In the next shot, it is on completely and no hair is apparent.

    • Pebble Problem - After the jar in Hagrid's hut is shattered, Hermione picks it up from behind. But in the time-travel scene, she picks it up from among the seeds next to the jar.

    • Butterfingers - In the corridor when Harry shows the blank map to Snape, he is holding it only in his left hand. When the view switches he has both hands on it, and in the next shot is again holding it in one hand.

    • Delayed Reaction - When Ron gets Scabbers back in Hagrid's hut, immediately afterwards Hermione says, "I think you owe someone an apology." Later, when future Harry and Hermione hide behind the pumpkins by Hagrid's hut, you can see Ron getting Scabbers back. So right after this, Hermione should be saying, "I think you owe someone an apology." But future Harry and Hermione talk for a little bit, and when they're done, Hermione says the line. Shouldn't this line have already passed?

    • Position Problem - In the shot where Hagrid is telling Harry, Ron and Hermione that Buckbeak is going to be executed, you see Hermione (in the background) turn her head away and put her hand on her hip. In the next shot, which is a reverse shot and shows the actors' backs, she is still looking at Hagrid with her hands by her sides.

    • Light Magic - In the scene at night when Harry is in the hallway with the map, the tip of his wand lights up. And later in that same scene, when Snape has the conversation with Lupin and Harry, Snape's wand does the same. However, if you look closely at the shadows on their faces, they're being lit from above, not from the wands' light below them.

    • When the Fat Lady Sings - When Harry goes back to Hogwarts and they stand before the Fat Lady portrait she refuses to let them in because she's trying to show them she can break a glass with her voice. When she cannot she smashes it upon a brick wall behind her right shoulder. Later in the movie after the students gather around the Fat Lady's painting after it's slashed, the wall isn't there.

    • Hat, Hat, Hat - On the Knight Bus, as Stan Shunpike holds the newspaper in his hands the position of the hat on his head changes in subsequent shots.

    • mark - In the scenes when Harry is in the double-decker bus, the attendant on the bus has acne on his neck that keeps changing. Sometimes there is a big "whitehead," and other times it's just a red mark.

    • The Ripple Effect - When Hagrid is telling the trio about Buckbeak being executed, he is skipping rocks. However, there are no ripples visible from the big rock Hagrid's just thrown into the lake, only ripples radiating from his body, rather than from the splash impact.

    • Prophet Error - The first time the bus conductor shows Harry the newspaper with the picture of Sirius Black on the front, one of his fingers disappears underneath the moving picture for a split-second.

    • The Number's Twelve - When Mr. Weasley and Harry are in the Leaky Cauldron, and Mr Weasley is telling Harry about Sirius Black, he tells Harry that Black went to Azkaban thirteen years ago. Harry is thirteen in PoA, and Sirius was sent to Azkaban when Harry was a year old, so Mr. Weasley should have said that he was sent to Azkaban twelve years ago. (Thanks, Jordan!)

    • Look Both Ways - When Harry and Hermione are in the woods and they see the three of them go behind the pumpkins, and turn to leave, the past Hermione turns right and swings around to leave but when that scene happened the first time before the Time Turner, Hermione turns left to leave.

    • Rock On - In the scene where Hagrid is telling the trio that Buckbeak will be executed, Harry is sitting on a rock. When Hagrid breaks the news, Harry stands up in shock. But when they show the whole scene from above, Harry is sitting down.

    • Boxing - In the scene where Harry and Hermione are going back down to Hagrid's hut after going back in time, the outline of the box that records the dialogue is visible on the lower part of Emma's jacket.

    • Order of the Willow - When everyone is coming back out of the hole under the Whomping Willow, Harry comes out first, then Hermione. But when Harry and Hermione go back in time and see this, Hermione comes out first and waits for Harry, then Sirius with Snape comes out.

    • Nine Inch Nails - In the scene in which the students return to the portrait hole to find the Fat Lady missing, Dumbledore runs his fingers through the slashed up picture and it can be seen that the length of his fingernails is freakishly long. However, in the scene in which he is telling Harry and Hermione about what they must do to rescue Sirius, his nails are back to normal length.

    • House Confusion - One of the boys in the choir at the opening feast is wearing a Gryffindor robe, but he's wearing a Slytherin tie!

    • Off Day for Lupin - In the DADA class where the students learn about boggarts, Harry steps up to take his turn. The boggart turns into a dementor, and Harry begins to speak the incantation, when Lupin jumps in front of him and takes over. Lupin later tells Harry on the bridge that the reason he didn't let Harry handle the boggart was because he feared it would turn into Voldemort. However, it had already turned into a dementor, so Lupin's reasoning makes no sense.

    • Magical Footprints - When Harry is under the invisibility cloak at Hogsmeade, he is the only one leaving footprints. There should be footprints all over the snow!

    • Rupert or Ron? - When Padfoot drags Ron into the Whomping Willow, Hermione yells "Rupert!" instead of "Ron!"
  • Source: Mugglenet

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