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The Plot unRiddled
by Kaustubh Kirti

SPOILER WARNING (unconfirmed imaginary speculations)

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Behind each story there must be the singular force, or motive, that sets it apart from any other story structure and give it its particular identity. Basically stories are like rare insane occurrences to an author, which seriously occurs by sheer dumb coincidences and people become an author- an author by an accident. Well Harry potter had been one of the brain driving or more appropriately brain wacking(I wonder if this word exist but I don't mind as long as people get the meaning) experience that could happen to any reader for it makes u realize how much u lack in life and how better it could have been considering the prospects of Harry and Ginny having a life happily ever after this seventh book figures out the destiny of Voldemort (I am not scared at all to speak the name).But before I can define the good and the better prospects of the book let us underline what will happen and what might actually. This is some thing new I am doing because I am trying to read an author's mind but there is nothing in trying.

Dumbledore as we are very much aware is a departed soul this is definite and I am pretty sure. Rowling,s not writing an outrageous Indian soap opera so we can expect that to happen that once cremated dead don't come back. But one thing I can guarantee is that Dumbledore died according to his own will!!… which actually brings the half blood prince back to undarker side or the good side. We are driving conclusions from conclusions but snape cannot be wrong because dumbledore trusted him. That is it. So snape has proved himself to the dark lord as his most worthy servant and placed a spy of the order close to the dark lord. Another thing to see is that even though Snape would be good no one of the order of phoenix is going to listen to him for he murdered Dumbledore. So this leaves Rowling to go deeper in to the characters. Snape will constantly help Harry warn him help him but would remain hidden.  

Another thing that comes to my mind is the something that happened in the third book the so-called deeper magic which created a link of Harry to Wormtail might pop up in this book. I can't imagine that Peter Pettrigew becomes good but we can expect he helps out Harry in ways unknown to the dark lord. For example if snape is doing some kind of enchantment in some hidden of area with peters help, Wormtail might very well help him. This idea came from the beginning of the sixth book-- what exactly was Wormtail and Snape two characters who owe their lives to the potters were doing together. Snape was saved by James potter and Wormtail by our very own hero, Harry. This is basically suggestive.

Another thing I read it somewhere was that two people are going to die. Considering the situation above I might drive to a conclusion that maybe not actually be true maybe but I believe it will be Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Lord Voldemort and The Half Blood Prince Severus Snape… And the dark Lord would kill Snape for sure while he would be trying to save Harry's life. Snape would also pay a supreme compliment to the lady whom he loved at school (a wild guess)-Lily Potter. This love might also make him jealous of James and Harry. So this can also be the reason why he always acts strange with Harry.

This leaves that Harry would be alive so cheers.

Now this book would see a squib doing magic, which is pretty rare (read it somewhere).

Now the point is who is this squib. One name that came to my mind was that of Argus Filch but there are some other suggestions- one of the wildestestest guess..Petunia the thing is you never know (no hopes though). There is Argbella Figg but she is not all that important so let us not discuss her. But there has to be some sidelined character.

Right now I wish to say whatever has been written is purely fiction of fiction so my pen is running as wildly as my mind right now and I am murdering and killing and doing things to whoever I want. Another suggestive (the most consequential and interesting one) thing that I read somewhere that there was a reason why Voldemort never wanted to kill Lily. He murdered her that is something very much true but he never wanted to . There was something some sort of bonding or something that linked them……….something might be there in any of the books …. Something ………lets look at an overview regarding this    - Harry has the power that he can love which is something that is alien to Lord Voldemort and this is the power that came to him because his mother saved him. His mother had shielded him with her love and had been able to with stand every attack of Voldemort. But surely there has to be a cache -something that can help Voldemort break this protection but he has never tried so maybe due to some reason. Lily had to be murdered because she was protecting Harry maybe maybe Voldemort loved her.. The most smashing lady (though with a huge age difference) most intelligent one-- he had fallen for a Muggle born just like his mother….or maybe Voldemort was lily's father-- mere speculations (but this is something Dumbledore should have known.   

So we come to square one Rowling has a book to write with characters dangling around on her mind she has so many things to manage and look after and reduce complexity as much as possible.


Now Regulas Black is the person who took away the locket from the cave. He was a death Eater who betrayed the dark lord. Now the point is where can he hide it…

12 Grimmauld Place. Now let us scan back to the fifth book…. Regulas Black has his house in the 12 Grimmauld Place and if the masters of the house do not wish possibly Voldemort or his death eaters might not find it. W can say this because it might be belonging to Regulas who passed it to Sirius and now it has come to Harry. Mere speculations but this one can actually be true.

The trio were cleaning the house and they had found a locket possibly the one they were searching for. So this gives us the position of one of the horcrux.

Now regarding the other three I would say one is something that belongs to Godric Griffindoor and is there at the Godric's Hollow and the third one at the Hogwarts. The fourth horcrux as Dumbledore had thought maybe nagini.. But Voldemort wanted to mark Harry' s death as a horcrux. He did not succeed but actually made a scar on his face so possibly his scar is a horcrux and has to be destroyed.

So now the plot is ready we have a spy in Voldemort court who is helping Harry in a way Harry knows not. Harry is placed with an immense task to destroy horcrux one after another and possibly erase scar that has been his identity for years.

Now from the Voldemort side. He is pretty much happy that Dumbledore has been killed but someone with astonishing power –Harry is still left.

So for this year we have a new Defense Against The Dark Arts Teacher Lord Voldemort himself in a hidden form. The point to be noted is that How Voldemort curse on the subject would come against him and in the end he would have to die. Now Voldemort coming as a teacher can be seen in a number of ways. He wanted to teach, he loved Hogwarts, and most importantly he wished to retrieve the Ravenclaw's part of horcrux, as he feared Harry would one day find it. He would most probably use Harry to find it and murder him after the work is done.

There is no Dumbledore so the coast is very much clear and with the new headmaster- Dolores Jane Umbridge it is going to be a child's play for him.

This was the basic outline however our Rowling is very much unpredictable and is never up to good.


Now coming back to the book. Harry is all alone at the Dursleys. But this time the situation is different. He is actually liking it. He is in full grief and shock and is trying to avoid his remorseful glance from everyone. 31 July he turns 17 and the enchantment on the Dursleys break and our hero is ready to do magic outside of school. But to his irritation and irritation of Dursleys too the whole of Privet Drive is filled with Aurors for Harry's protection. Moving here and there in outrageous outfits to look Muggle like but ending up looking mad and completely out of mind. Harry knows that he needs to run because these people would not let him kill the dark lord or rather even get any close to him. Soon after he gets an invitation to visit the burrow for the Bill Fleur wedding. A little excited he strikes up a plan and runs by the knight bus and goes to the Burrow. In general the essence of the book would smell of grief and unhappiness and loss. . But still in great losses there is Ginny for Harry. He will find trust and convincing love to cover over the expanding darkness. Every path that Harry had transfigured through years from childhood to Hogwarts through dungeons and tunnels behind trolls and ever-darkening world all were pledged to this destination. Now he is left with nothing but to face this falling world so that happiness could rise again. Harry's entry in the Burrow would be a surprise to everyone but surely everyone would welcome it. There would be Bill Charlie Fleur. …and yes his very special friends who are still fighting with each other. A preparative activity before a couple would actually link up.   A tragedy I suppose but something I personally was looking up to that. Now Harry would discuss his plans with his friends. He has no plan of staying back till the wedding because by that time the house would again be filled up with aurors so he wishes to run away from this place before any more problems comes. He wishes to go to the Godric Hollow the village where his mom and Dad met their end and everything he could find about the Dark Lord. But still going there is a problem. To sort this out he takes Charlie help who use his power as the keeper of dragons to fetch one on which he could ride to where he wanted. Charlie though unwillingly helps him out and the trio escapes from the wedding and being cornered by Aurors.. Harry is at Griffindoor ancestral home he find various kinds of people but he keeps his identity hidden from most of them. He is scared that if his identity would be blown out he would be taken away by ministry officials. He meets up an old servant who used to work in the house where his mom and dad has died. She recognizes Harry from his eyes. She takes them to her house and tells them all that happened that night. How the word friend ship had been shamed by Peter and how table had turned when The curse had rebounded. Then she tells Harry that once an old witch had come to see lily and lily had tried not to let anyone know that she had a visitor. But when she had asked who she was Lily had said that the old women was an aunt …. The women had returned on the terrible night only to discover the whole house had been run over by evil. She had immediately left and her presence was only known to this maid who had a chance of looking at her. Harry finds this information strange because Lily had Muggle parents and Muggle cant reach this magical village so it meant Lily was hiding something. She then shows them the ancestral home of Godric and tells that James was a direct decendant. Harry scans through the whole house   if he could find something that could help but ends up with a fruitless search. He tries to figure out if there can be any horcrux but still none. He finds various pictures of various people who had owned this house. To be precise he finds some picture of its previous owners which actually were his parents. He find the pictures when his dad was young. He finds various sort of thing but could not decide what he wanted to find.

He and his friends are halfway interrupted by ministry officers who had been called by that maid. The maid was paid handsomely for the possession of Harry Potter and then under the command of the minister of magic himself Harry was forced into the Hogwarts bound space caravan. So helpless he and his friends are forced to go to the school. As usual they miss the sorting stuff how ever the important thing he sees over there is that the school had actually been opened. There were new people new students and a fully guarded school. The new headmaster surprisingly Dolores Umbridge was there . But not strict definitely. She as most had assumed was not the same after her encounter with the centaurs and with the doctors at the St Mungo's . She had changed and was remainig to herself most of the time. These was obviously a new teacher For DADA which actually is as we have assumed Lord Voldemort on a polyjuice does in form of sum Mr X.And rest teachers are same including Slughorn who has taken Hogwarts as his shelter for he is afraid that after Dumbledore the word might go out regarding the horcrux and he would be someone to repent. School was just the same except some of the slytherins were missing. Probably had joined the dark Lord. NO hogmeade No hagrid. No forest. People were constrained fully inside the castle. Now days pass still nothing about the horcrux.   But one day he comes to hear The new teacher(Voldemort) saying something regarding it. Harry inquires. Taking him as a bait Voldemort tells him a lot and asks him why he wanted to know and gets out all the secret . He asks Harry to think where can who is RAB. Afterwards he says it is actually Regulas Black and asks Harry to search the 12 Grimmauld place in Christmas holidays. Instead Harry calls Kreature and retrieves the locket but is not sure to tell this to the teacher. He destroys it and tells Voldemort that he will search. But Voldemort realizes that the boy is lying and is very angry and Harry Gets to know that he is upto something. He guesses him to be a ministry person trying to extract information. Later in the Christmas holidays he visits the Dursleys because the castle had to be emptied and the Burrow had a minor seize from the dark side so. Dudley and vermon were out on a holiday and Harry arrives at the doorstep. Petunia had nothing but to let him enter. Nothing else to do they get engaged in a conversation . Word after word things after things Harry tells her about her fait. Petunia replies Yes I know and produces a copy of Daily Prophet from her purse. Harry goes in coma. Something like that. He is fully shocked She tells that she and Lily were adopted children to Muggle parents. They were wizards. She actually was a squib. She never got a letter because the world never wanted her and she started crying and for the first time in so so so many years he Harry was feeling some thing for her aunt. She told them that her mother had left them at a Muggle orphanage. She was always jealous because Lily was good better and best. She had everything. She returned every year end and show her books but as a squib she was helpless. She always had Dumbledore sending letters to her consoling her… But even Dumbledore didn't knew that both of them had non Muggle parents. She said that Lily had found her mother and was terrified the day when she found her. She never told anyone but petunia said that lily had written a letter to a mental asylum to take ownership of an old lady in Muggle terms. She had asked Petunia to do that but had not told her why it was being written. Words by words Harry was getting confused. From the asylum he extracts the picture of the women and though he wasn't sure if this would be helpful he sends an owl to the maid asking about the picture at Godric Hollow. Reply was yes!!!

Now the next day on Christmas someone drops at Privet Drive an old witch searching for her daughter's house. She was Harry's grandmother Lily's actual mother. Petunia in a shock. This all seems too much shocking but all this would happen over a couple of chapters though.  

Now now more lily history. The women would tell Harry that that his grandfather was a death eater so she did not wanted him to find about her children or linage. She tells him that Harry was special and her family had been waiting for him forever. Then suddenly the house is attacked. Harry tries to run but the death eaters who have cum take the lady instead let him go but seize the women. Petunia tries to stop and cries freeze and the whole house bursts. There are things flying everywhere, furniture etc and in the midst of the pandemonium Petunia, Harry and the lady escape. They find the knight bus and escape to ministry of magic. ……

Harry is shocked that petunia is known over here and very often visits this place.!!!!!!

Now Harry is back……………to Hogwarts

The thing that the maid at Godric Hollow had betrayed him again and called Death Eaters. But importantly When Harry was there at the Hollow she didn't call the death Eaters but the ministry that means she wanted him to return to Hogwarts.





This is something that I have tried to imagine. There is still lot to write but let the suspense live on. What I have written can be fully crap too. So I have left half of the Hog warts life to be imagined by the reader. Try to think what Voldemort would do next and is actually Voldemort Harry's   -……..


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