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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Movie Mistakes


Can you dance the hippogriff? - When the students are dancing to The Weird Sisters at the Yule Ball, Viktor Krum can be seen jumping up and down at the back of the group with Crabbe or Goyle jumping behind him, their hands on Krum's shoulders. However, immediately after, Krum is seen dancing with Hermione, and neither Crabbe nor Goyle is anywhere to be found - with no time to move between shots.

Moving Fork - When Hagrid stabs Professor Flitwick in the hand with his fork, the fork changes places slightly between the wide shot of the two of them and the close-up of Flitwick's hand, even though the fork hasn't been removed yet.

Where's my wand? - After Wormtail performs the Avada Kedavra curse and raises the "bone of the father," he places Voldemort's wand inside the left side of his coat before slicing off his right hand. When Voldemort says, "My wand, Wormtail," Wormtail retrieves the wand from the right side of his coat.

Say what? - When Harry goes into the owlery and reads the letter from Sirius, we see that Sirius wrote "By the way, the bird bites." But when we hear Sirius reading it aloud, he says, "P.S. The bird bites."

Interchangeable Ink - On the Hogwarts Express, when Harry writes "Sirius Black" on the envelope, it is written in thick black ink. However, in the next shot when the envelope is in Hedwig's beak, the name is written in thin ink.

Dumbledore, Stand Here! - After Beauxbatons' entrance into the Great Hall, Fleur bows in a close-up with the wood platform directly behind her, and then Dumbledore kisses Madame Maxime's hand. In the next shot, when Dumbledore quickly runs up onto the platform to introduce Durmstrang, there is a white mark on the wood that he promptly stands on. This mark is not on the platform in neither the previous nor the following shots.

What Did You Do To Your Glasses? - In various scenes throughout the film, Rita Skeeter and Harry have no lenses in their glasses.

Reflections - In a number of shots within various scenes, the reflections of the reflector screen and set lights are briefly visible in the lenses of characters' glasses (such as Rita Skeeter's) or in a character's eyes.

What's Your Name Again? - When we're first introduced to Bartemius Crouch Sr., Dumbledore pronounces his name distinctly from how it's said throughout the rest of the film.

Tick-Tock - When the Goblet of Fire is about to reveal who the Three Champions are, the clock strikes nine. But if you listen carefully while Dumbledore is talking, it only rings eight times.

Out of Sync - In numerous scenes throughout the film, characters are heard speaking - although their lips never move.

Moving Staff - When Malfoy is transformed back to human form in the Ferret Scene, Moody proceeds to chase him around a tree, thus leaving his staff sticking up from the ground next to the spot where he stood. In the one shot over Malfoy's shoulder before he rounds the tree, Moody's staff is sticking at an angle up from the ground. However, when the camera cuts back to this same position after following Malfoy around the tree, the staff is now sticking up perfectly perpendicular to the ground and not at any angle.

Swapping Spells? - In the movie, every time someone uses Expelliarmus, the victim falls unconscious - but Expelliarmus is only supposed to expel your wand from your hand... not hurt you.

Where's Ronald? - When Filch comes running into the Great Hall before Dumbledore announces Durmstrang and Beauxbatons, he runs past Ron twice. The first time Ron is sitting up and turns his head as Filch runs past. The second time, Ron is resting his head on his arms on the table, and picks up his head as Filch goes by.

Swapping Towels - At the end of the second task when Harry gets out of the water, Hermione runs over to him and wraps her towel around him. But in the next aerial shot, Hermione has still got the towel around her... and in the following shot, Harry's got Hermione's towel!

Finicky Flames - Once Sirius leaves and Harry and Ron have their argument, Harry walks back to the fire to see the Daily Prophet burning brightly, flames dancing: the whole nine yards. The light on Harry's face is a soft glow, something you would not see with a dancing fire.

Mudblood or Muggle? - During the Graveyard scene, just after Voldemort gives Harry a taste of Crucio, he goes into a speech about Harry's mother and calls her a "filthy Muggle". Lily was a witch and therefore could not have been a Muggle. Shouldn't he have said "filthy mudblood mother"?

Only Skin Deep - When Hagrid accidentally stabs his fork into Professor Flitwick's hand, in the first and second shots you can see that it is only resting on the skin and not in the hand.

Where's the Parchment? - When the Goblet of Fire sends out Harry's name, it shows it on lined paper; however, all the students at Hogwarts use parchment. Why would Harry's name have been written on Muggle paper?

Confused? - When Harry, Ron and Hermione are in the Forbidden Forest with Hagrid just before they start singing the school song, Hagrid exclaims: "When I first met yer, yer were jus' a bunch o' misfits, yer kinda reminided me o' meself and here we are 4 years later!" But if they were in their fourth year it would be that they had been at the school just over three years!

Pure Luck - In the scene after the Death Eaters came and Harry is passed out on the ground, everything around him is burnt, but he hasn't been touched.

Two Notes - When the students are studying in the Great Hall before the Yule Ball, Fred passes Ron a note telling him to "Get a move on or all the good ones will have gone." The piece of paper that Fred throws at Ron has four lines of writing on the top half of the page, possibly even with a letter or two scratched out. When they show a close-up of the note in Ron's hands, however, there are only three lines of writing and they are in the middle of the page, with no scratch-outs. Now if only we could read what the first note said!

How many wands? - In the Sorcerer's Stone, when Hagrid is telling Harry about Voldemort, the flashback comes up and you see Voldemort killing Lily Potter. You can see that Voldemort's wand is dark brown and thick. But in the Goblet of fire, when Wormtail is giving Voldemort his wand in the cemetery, Voldemort's wand is white, thin, and has snake fangs where you grip the wand.

Color Me Confused - When Cedric Diggory casts his super-charged, knock-out "Expelliarmus" at the milky-eyed Viktor Krum in the maze, his wand emits a silvery light, yet when Harry fires the same spell two separate times at Lord Voldemort in the graveyard, his wand shoots a jet of red light. After the Third Task, Dumbledore fires another silver "Expelliarmus" at the imposter Moody.

Inconsistencies: They aren't mistakes - but they sure are noticeable!

Which House? - Throughout the entire film, anytime we see the Patil twins, they're together - and both wearing Gryffindor robes. However, anyone who has read the books knows that Padma's a Ravenclaw.

Say What? - When Wormtail is performing the ritual to bring his master back to a body, he says, "Bone of the father, unwillingly given." I don't think Tom Riddle Sr. can be unwilling or willing. In the book it was unknowingly given.

Snuffles? - In the movie, Harry writes to Sirius and puts the name "Sirius Black" in big bold letters on the envelope before sending it off with Hedwig, who is a very noticeable bird. If Sirius won't send a letter back with Hedwig for that reason, how smart of Harry is it to send a letter to "Sirius Black," who is at this time still wanted by the Ministry?

Accidental Amputation? - In the book, Wormtail cuts off the hand that is already missing a finger. In the movie, however, he cuts off the hand that has all five fingers.

Bravery - At the beginning of the film, Wormtail refers to Voldemort as "my Lord Voldemort." We know from reading the books that everyone is terrified of saying his name, even his followers.


Source: Mugglenet



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