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Harry Potter Xperts at the set of Harry Potter 6

On 17 November 2007 looked at itself Marc of Harry Potter Xperts the turning work to "Harry Potter and the half blood prince": They took place in the station in Surbiton - only 15 minutes footpath of its dwelling. Read here now his report of the set:

It was correct. The station in Surbiton was actually a window blind in the sixth Harry Potter film. Armed with my camera, a block and a ball-point pen (one never knows - perhaps one even gets an autograph of one the star) I made myself thus on the short footpath from my dwelling there.

According to the on-line article of the local weekly paper the turning work should take place particularly in the cafe Chaud on one of the tracks. Problem: On the tracks one comes only with valid ticket. At the station arrived I creep thus only once a little outside around, at the fences along toward parking lot and see there: Loud humans in yellow signal jackets and - still more importantly - film equipment on the first track! (no meaning)!

Largely to recognize otherwise however nothing and my camera are want I for more important photos to rather preserve. The Akkuanzeige flashes already red... Since I do not come on the tracks, I make myself on the way to the back of the station. The whole LKWs must stand nevertheless, with those those their film things somewhere transports?! Over a tunnelgang, which leads across the tracks, I arrive to women at the other side of the station and than I around the corner come, meet me still more men and in yellow jackets. This part of the film crew makes probably straight break or on the tracks when filming is not needed.
There are hot beverages for all crew members, but I pass through simply by the quantity and see there: Loud white LKWs. Well it asks who sagt's? Unfortunately I cannot begin much with the vehicles alone also, therefore I position in the proximity of the crew, spaehe one many people in yellow jacket out and ask myself loosely. "here a Harry Potter film is turned nevertheless, or? Can you me in addition to a few questions answer?" - "control rooms you rather times, I find to you someone, that that can."

So far, so well. With my block and pin in the hand, I pursue a few minutes for multicolored driving. Passanten, who want to know, what it is loose, to become meanwhile abgespeist with words as "oh, turn here irgendsoeine TV series...". Short time comes back later the nice man and guesses/advises me to try simply times to come on the tracks. That would fold already somehow.

Oh ever, without ticket? Well, which soll's... On geht's, this mark into the back door, past at policemen, humans in yellow jackets and buttons in the ear and loud Security personnel, who do not stop all anstarren... however. The ticket shut-off positions were opened meanwhile, I have free course and go down on the second track (from the back door the first track left). I am umschwaermt immediately by Security personnel in red-blue jackets, which want to know whether I wait here for the course. No, do ' I not, I may however nevertheless remain (so for a long time I beside the stairway to the wall place myself).

Said, done. From here I have the perfect overview. My track is separate from the first track by two rail courses. On the other track everything stands fully with crew personnel and equipment, while my track is that, which is filmed. Only with whom?

My eyes move around and at one time stand for Dumbledore before me - perhaps ten meters removes. Michael Gambon in full Montur! Its beard, held together of a cord. Its grey garb, which we already know from predecessor films. Its Huetchen. Everything fits! From the other side of the track now David Yates,the director, instructions calls: "NO train! Action!"the camera runs and Gambon puts loosely. It stands in such a way on the track that it has the other track exactly in the view. Its head moves easily back and forth - obviously it looks for someone. Then it lifts its hand and signs to the greeting.

Slowly the scene, which is played here, takes forms. The cafe Chaud, in which allegedly should be turned, is on the other track, however apparently not than window blind is used. Would be also illogical, because one could build a cafe loosely as set in the studio, without the production team remains two nights long in cold weather. Here a scene at a station is turned, particularly in connection with Dumbledore on the track (for the camera lying the opposite). On the other track the crew depended the range before the mentioned cafe with black material. One recognizes a disk, behind which ascends such a thing like steam - only for what?

The rotation becomes here more difficult at the station generally than in the studio, because courses, people keep constant rise in and out. The Security people direct these as fast as possible the stairways up, but it cannot be avoided that Gambon most time stands with a part of the crew. Because of cold weather it carries a black Daunenjacke over Dumbledore costume.

I try meanwhile to find more out over the turning work and speak with the station manager. Unfortunately its coworkers may not give me information (if they which would have), because only the press office of "South west Train services" are authorized to give such information. I get its telephone number, but it opened for me only again starting from Monday and will probably be able anyway hardly to help.

Dumbledore at the track
Dumbledore looks on the other track over there.
Then breaks loose at one time such a thing like hecticness. This mark is to be turned the scene with a driving past course, which already is in the advance. Gambon is already back on its position. The course rushes past. It looks. It signs. Cut! This play always repeats itself several marks and must for a driving past course be waited. Yates gives thereby different instructions for direction to Gambon: "Michael, CAN incoming goods try A more smaller gesture?"-" Michael, let us times less gesturing try." Gambon does not sign therefore any longer completely so remarkably, but lifts only its hand to the greeting. The next instruction for direction reads that it is to wait a few seconds longer, after the course from the picture drove, before it carries out its greeting.

Between the individual Takes Gambon does not disappear in the heap of the crew, which hides itself for the photographs behind a wall with notices, in order in the picture to turn out again and again. But which is that? I see doubly at one time: There are two Dumbledores! While the genuine stays further at the crew, its deceptively genuine double in its place stands. I speak with one of the Security men, which is substantially more helpful than the station manager, and tells me, what he knows. The double is there to move Dumbledore in the correct light and co-ordinate up to the trick everything: "The material Dumbledore is too old ton stood around into the cold all the time, that's why they have A second."-" the genuine Dumbledore is too old, in order to stand the whole time in cold weather around, therefore they have second."

He tells me also that the turning work is intended officially to six o'clock in the morning. Around half two apparently a further scene is to be turned, with which also different actors are present, but nobody knows details. I decide to change and see on track number 1 time after that rights the track. Here the crew does not have to pay attention to come into the picture of the camera. Everywhere humans are located in yellow jackets (they for each admission to decrease must, probably because of possible light reflections) and on the soil crates with film equipment stand around. A man carries a sign at me past, on which differently colored strips with names like "Lupin", "Tonks" and further. Behind a shut-off position is also David Yates. Several marks runs it, deeply busily, directly at me past, in order to deny itself with the station personnel, when the next course arrives. I run around little and arrive behind some screens. From here pursues the crew, which was caught exactly last end of the cameras. Since straight is not filmed, one looks at oneself the previous photographs .

Now also I can more exactly recognize, how the straight turned scene of last end in the film could look. The focus lies on Dumbledore on the track lying opposite. The driving past course is to be taken only in each case very blurred truely, when it by-races in the picture. As soon as the course past is, down white steam comes into the picture gewabert from. Then I see being able to see better someone, which tries with its sleeve apparently to wipe a window clean in order to Dumbledore on the other side of the picture at one time. This signs.

Ahaa, the camera is thus in the range with the strange nebula machine, separated by the black material, which I could observe a while ago on the other track. It is to represent obviously course steam. The whole nevertheless so really does not result in sense for me. Did I see correct that someone wiped a window clean? That would mean that the camera of the internal Hogwarts express films - at least this should look in such a way... The express could stop Harry in the film thus in the station, another course became to by-drive and or whoever could make then the fitted window free to see and Dumbledore. Dumbledore became it zuwinken. Is it what is turned here?

I remain sceptical. The black material is struck again and again meanwhile from people to the side, which disappear behind it or emerge again. Permits me to throw verstohlene of views into the separated zone and there stands a young person, whom I first as Daniel Radcliffe regard. But with more exact Hinsehen I am sure me that it is not it. It could be however the person, who wipes the window clean? From that one in the picture only briefly which saw and in addition became her only from the rear filmed. Its clothes fit Harrys Muggel Style: Chucks, Jeans and a Sweater jacket, as Harry often carries it in the third film.
It stands firmly that in this range behind the black cloths the camera and the nebula machine are. And it films a driving past course and the Dumbledore standing behind it at the other track.

I run still another bit the far track along and can look now also in the inside cafe of the Chauds. There further crates (the cafe is in the reason a waiting area for course passengers, only that there a cafe line is even, where one can buy beverages, pastry and sweets) and a chair with the label "Dan Radcliffe" stand. Hmmm, should be Daniel nevertheless here somewhere?

Beside Daniel Radcliffes empty chair, sits a further boy, who could go through as Harry doubles. It breeds over a yellow note. It leaves the waiting area a little later and disappears from the track. When it comes back, the Dumbledore scene is in the box. David Yates announces that now every one and a half hours break have ("lunch" - "noon", it is midnight) and that a further scene is turned starting from clock. In addition the entire equipment must be vacated on the other track. Instructions resound by air. One walk: "Window ton the OTHER side!"-" the window on the other side!" Window? Thus nevertheless? In the range separated from the black materials a window is thus actually developed, possibly the inside of a Hogwarts express compartment!? And that it wipes someone clean it would agree, also with that, what the anonymous Xperts user in its set report from October wrote . With the turning work on the Glenfinnan viaduct with the Hogwarts express was busy the crew according to it "in such a way to prepare the windows at the course as if they would have fitted, because contrary to what should probably be represented there, the weather was fantastisch on the day" (to the set report).

How exactly the scene may also look now at the end, it has to do definitely with a signing Dumbledore and takes place on a station track, at which a straight course by-rushed. With high probability Dumbledore signs thereby Harry (, Hermine and Ron) too, because little sense makes everything else. The films from its perspective are told nevertheless: If Harry somewhere is not, we do not know also, what takes place there. On it like the scene into the film to only fit, can I am to make myself still no Reim.

But for me now time is to be been anyway. My right hand is meanwhile half abgefroren also not and my toes feels I more. In addition I have to write a set report! This here:).


After I slept now one night over the report and the first comments in addition read, I would like to still say a few little things to it.
I made more than two photos natural, but as one by the second picture easily to recognize can do, has my digital camera it absolutely not drauf, without photographing lightning in the dark. And because of the red Akku announcement and the fact that lightning would have immediately made attentive to me, I could unfortunately use none. Finally was photos shoot officially forbidden, therefore I did not want to be discovered rather. I was surprise enough to be able to shoot several pictures of Dumbledore without immediately from it to be prevented. When I wanted to shoot late photos on the first track, one came immediately the crew to me and meant "NO of pictures onthe station please to two Knipsern."-" no photos on the station ask." The other pictures, which I have still from Dumbledore, are not however much different. They show if necessary still another driving past course, but at Dumbledores position and appearance do not change anything.

Meanwhile also your first ideas in-wobbled, which scene there those could have turned. Perhaps Dumbledore accompanies the young Tom Riddle to the Hogwarts express? On the other hand it would speak perhaps only that track 9 3/4 at the station King's CROSS was so far always turned and the station in Surbiton that sees hardly similar probably... Another idea reads that Harry arrives at Hogsmeade (whereby also for Hogsmeade in the predecessor films other turning places were used). After Malfoy occupies it with the body clammy spell, it could be that not only Tonks, but also Dumbledore find it.

By the way: The sign, which I yesterday described (with the names of some Potter characters like "Tonks" and "Lupin"), am think I a general implement, which is with each trick thereby. There still many other names stood drauf and I believe not that the all part of the trick was. Although it would have been naturally mad, there although Natalia Tena (Tonks) and David Thewlis (Lupin) would have been!



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