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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Game Detailed Review



The graphics in the Harry Potter games have got better with the new sequel so I had already expected a lot from this game. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets both had almost the same graphics and were not up to the mark of the graphics during those days. But Harry Potter.: Quidditch World Cup changed the look of these games. I think Quidditch World Cup had the best graphics till Phoenix came out. From Prisoner of Azkaban the Harry Potter games changed a lot and Goblet was a complete change. Order of the Phoenix was the biggest jump in the Harry Potter series. This game gives you the best graphics on the platforms. Not only the XBOX 360 and PS3 give superb graphics, but Wii version and the PC game stay no far. I was very impressed by the PC version. The game only need a 32 Mb graphics card(64 Mb recommended) but gives graphics almost as good as XBOX 360 and PS3 at 720p. Even if Goblet of Fire had great graphics, but it stand nothing in front of Phoenix. EA has scanned the faces of the characters to make game look like the characters from the movies. They thus have done an excellent job. All the characters look real and true to the characters from the movies.


After having a different Hogwarts in all the Harry Potter games, Ea finally decided to merge the Hogwarts from the books, movies and the old games to get a fully ready Hogwarts. Jo herself has guided them in making Hogwarts in this game. Hogwarts is huge like how its described in the books, there are hundreds of places in Hogwarts. In this game almost all the places are tried to be shown, from Hagrid's Hut to The Room of Requirement all the places are designed with great excellent.

Game Play:

In the game you do not only get to play Harry but also as Sirius, Dumbledore and Fred and George. You get to combat with the Bellatrix, Lucius, Draco and hs Slytherin friends and also Lord Voldemort. There are no spells like Flipendo, Spongify and Depulso which were made up by EA. In this game there are all the spells from the books like Reducto, Reparo, Levicorpus andi Protego. You feel like you actually are playing Harry in this game and doing all these things. This really impressed me and gave you the proper experience of the Harry Potter world.


Mini-Games like Exploding Snap, Wizard Chess and Gobstones are like a relief from this tedious and long game.

Music and Voices:

For the earlier games EA had always made their own music and not taken the music from the movies. But for the first time Warner. Bros. has allowed them to take Hedwig's Theme from the movies. Even if EA themselves has composed the music of Hedwig's Theme themselves, it it as good as the original. Also for the first time the characters from the movie like Rupert Grint, Katie Leung and Bonnie Wright so it feel like you are in the movie. This is a true Harry Potter game.


Tedious Tasks:

The task in this game are very long and tedious. It feels like this game is never ending. You can guess this when you install this game on your PC, it takes 5 GB of your hard disk's space and not because of the graphics but because of the long game. Well we are proved right in the end of the game that this game will never end. You have to collect many discovery points and complete lots of task which take all your energy and get you tired. Even after you finish the whole game it will say that only 55% of the game is over as you have not colleted many stuff.

The description of Endless day is like so:

If you haven't found all of the discoverables (you can se what you need to find at the Game Information screen in the Pause menu), you can continue your game in the ENDLESS DAY  when the narrative game is complete, to focus solely on finding all the goodies.

And guess what goodies you get: Interviews.


This is problems on the PC Game. In this game while casting spells you have to use the mouse and turn it round and up which is not a easy job. It takes you the longest to cast Wingadium Leviosa. I advice you to turn off mouse gestures and use W A S D buttons on your keyboard to cast spells. This too is not easy.

Viewing Angle:

This is minor problem. Sometimes you have problems of viewing as the camera angle cannot be changed in this game.


My final verdict is that expect a few bad stuff this game is great and is must play for all Harry Potter fans. If you want to buy a first Harry Potter game, but this one.

It give this game 7.9/10 that is really good compared to the old Harry Potter games.

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