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Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows - Part 1 Video Game Review
This review is applicable for the PC and Consoles version of the game.


The game loosely follows the book and movie on the storyline. The sets look similar to the sets from the movie and so do many scenes. The dialogue is also similar to the movie, although there are scenes where the dialogue more likes the book than the movie. There are many extra parts the game that have either been deleted from the movie or not even shot. There is a phase in the game where the trio has to follow Dean Thomas and Griphook in the forest, to find out what they are doing. There are also several points where you are asked to go off on random quests that have nothing to do with the story and are not taken from the book or movie. They are generally fairly long quests, and have you do mundane things like save people, or survive waves of enemies. Without them, the game would be much shorter, but it also might make a bit more sense and be more interesting. But this too fails to impress the game at some points have makes it a tedious task for some people. The game is about five to six hours long, making double the length of the movie, but it seems to be lengthy and boring at time.

Score: 6/10


The game has very mediocre graphics and they are not up to the mark for the current generation of consoles. The games of the graphics are very similar to similar to that of the previous two games. The character animations look sluggish and does not match up to the expectations. The cut scenes also feel last-gen, and the blocky and unnatural movements are far more apparent here than anywhere else. The characters look like dummies when the talk and their voices does not even sound like the characters from the movies. EA should pay more attention to the graphics as they are one of the most important aspects of a video game.

Score: 3/10


The game plays like a third-person shooter, with a camera that follows Harry over the shoulder. As enemies appear, you lock onto them, and then fire off spells at them in exactly the same way that you would shoot a gun. This may interest some people in particular but it was not well in this game like in most shooter games and made the game boring for me in many aspects. As you progress, your spells become more powerful, and you can cycle through them with a spell wheel. The game offers three victims for you to try these spells out on: Death Eathers, Snatchers, and Inferi. Once you have seen them once, you have seen them the next 20 times. Enemy design is not a big part of this game. It becomes a very tedious task when you have the death eaters appearing out nowhere and attacking from behind. The game also features a series of stealth missions that turn the game into a first-person sneakfest. These are a welcome addition to the game, but they tend to be instant-fail missions. If you can not get out of the way of the enemies who will walk in no real pattern, there is no chance to recover, they will immediately attack you, and anyone nearby will join in. There is no strategy to it, just repetition and luck. There are also a serious of optional challenges available in the menu which allow you to combat the enemies at different points, but I do not think anyone would interested in playing them. Xbox 360 users also have a series of such challenges which can be played by the Kinect. I have not tried it on the connect but have not heard good reviews for it too.

Score: 4/10


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Part 1 is really boring and long game which does not appeal from any of its aspects. The only selling point of the game is that it is a Harry Potter game. I do not think any non-Harry Potter fan should have a look at this game. While for the Harry Potter fans should have play this game just to have a feel at the story and be a part of the wizarding world. Even though most the Harry Potter game have not turned out be a success and impressive non Potter fans. This game fails in all aspects and turns out be the worst Harry Potter game yet. I Hope the next one archives to wow us from the last game next so that it ends the series in a good way.


UPDATE:PC users might have a problem passing the level after fighting the Death Eaters and saving the Muggleborns. So do not keep the video quality on high ever and preferably keep it on low.

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